Hawksight — the next gem? 💎 New Project Review

So what’s the point?

Ok, in a nutshell, Hawksight is creating a Solana blockchain-based protocol for decentralized investment management and trading that does not require data storage (in other words, your funds remain in your own wallets).

  1. Ecosystem incentives: 30% (1,500,000,000,000 tokens). Of which 10% for TGE + 3 days, 90% is linear distribution over 2 years
  2. Fund: 25% (1,250,000,000,000 tokens). Of which 30% is split at the launch of the core network, 70% 2 years after the launch of the core network
  3. Fundraising: 20% (1,000,000,000,000 tokens).


Let’s see what the developers have prepared for us in the roadmap of the project. I see no point in publishing the past achievements (i.e. Q3 2021), so I will start with Q4.

  1. Scaling community of 1,000,000+ Signal users across all platforms.
  2. Completing a private round of $HWK token sales for strategic partners.
  3. Testing the DApp platform.
  1. DApp core network launch in March 2022.
  2. Initialization and testing of the DeFi app on Terra.
  3. Hawksight Hotline pilot: localized grassroots campaigns to attract first DeFi users.
  4. Rewards and incentives for first-time users and OG community members on Discord, Telegram, and Twitter.
  1. Expansion of cross-chain support.
  2. Integration with more DEX and CEX.
  3. Increased growth through partnerships with DeFi and NFT within the Solana & Terra ecosystem.
  4. Gradual decentralization of the AI engine and trading signals on the chain.

Hawksight Partners

The best part :) Actually very cool support from funds at the very start of the project — $4.2M in strategic token rounds, support from Solana Ventures and Terraform Labs. For foundations to throw such sums around…isn’t it gem?💎


In short, it’s obvious that the project is more than a gem. I recommend to fly into it with both feet (and hands you can too). Now it is already possible to work and be active.

P.S. A little bit about being active in the project

If you try hard and really help the development of the project (on the specific actions below), you may have a chance to get a role. At the time of writing this article is still available as OG.

Now the most important thing — what kind of activity is necessary to show in the project?

See, in fact, everything is simple here — you need to develop the project both inside and outside.

  1. The developers have shared with the community a hype showing how the project works “from the inside”. You’re watching it and asking yourself: “Oh, how much more convenient it would be if this chart had a timeline with the current price of the asset…”. Then you go to the appropriate branch of the project (where you can express any wishes and suggestions) and share your idea. Congratulations, you have again contributed to the development of the project.
  2. You have a little understanding of the project, comes a newcomer who asks for help. Just — help him, tell him what’s what, answer all his questions. You have again contributed to the project.
  1. Promotion of the project in social networks. Do you have a promoted (and not very necessary) account on FB, Twitter? Perfect — subscribe to the channel of the project and start to like, repost tweets, make their own creative tweets about project. There are plenty of options.



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